Younger tourists, as well as older ones, can discover Civitanova Marche and the upper town, together with Mum and Dad. Comfortable shoes, a cap for the sun and we are ready to leave.





DEPARTURE: Civitanova Marche – stadium area

ARRIVAL: Upper Town



NEARBY CAR PARKS: Piazzale Stadio – Piazzale don Eliseo Scorolli city bus no. 1 terminus – Former Upper City Wash House and Campo Boario Car park

MEANS OF ARRIVAL: private vehicle, city bus no. 1



– Parco Fluviale del Chienti

– Club Vela Portocivitanova

– Pista skate-board

– Scuola ICO – International Kaiteboarding Association

– Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari

– Museo Storico del Trotto ed Ippodromo “E. Mori”

– Orto Botanico “F. Corridoni”

– Villa Conti

– Piscina Comunale


We set off along the Chienti River Park cycle and footpath from Largo Martiri della Libertà, opposite the Municipal Sports Stadium, beside the skeet shooting complex. The vegetation and wildlife here is quite particular and grey herons and other species of birds that happily live long these banks can be seen from the bird observation hut. Away from the path, we walk along the Piermanni promenade, where we can enjoy green leisure areas and accommodating beach chalets with traditional fish-based menus. Those who are more active can have fun cycling, put on a pair of fast inline roller skates or try out the “Cucà” skateboard park in Via Martiri delle Foibe. The sea is perfect for an enjoyable and refreshing swim, but care should be taken, as the water is deep and the beach is pebbly. For small children and less experienced swimmers, we recommend the sandy beach on the North Promenade. For those who wish to try sailing, even the smallest children, Club Vela Portocivitanova offers courses at various levels to learn this ancient and noble art. For the more adventurous, there is the ICO – International Kiteboarding Association – school, for kitesurfing spins and acrobatics. The upper town welcomes us in the afternoon (on bus no. 1 from piazzale don Eliseo Scorolli or by private vehicles, following the road signs) with attractive sights, relaxing atmospheres and pleasant walks. The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, which was founded by Pietro Pepa and inaugurated in 1992, just outside the Civitanova Alta walls, is interesting to visit. The Botanical Gardens, set out at the “Filippo Corridoni” Technical and Commercial Institute, in Contrada Sabbioni, are also worth a visit. They include fragrant plants, native vegetation, curiosities and botanical rarities, and can be viewed by calling 0733.890156 to make a reservation. Horse lovers are invited to Captain Ermanno Mori’s Museum of the History of Trotting and racetrack, which are easy to reach along the Adriatic state highway or the internal road through Contrada Asola. For tourists interested in architecture and the Art Nuoveau style we recommend a visit to Villa Conti, set among majestic trees and overlooking Civitanova Marche and the Adriatic Sea. If the weather is bad, there are alternatives such as a swim in the new, equipped Municipal Pool in Contrada San Domenico, 125/A (tel. 0733.811309) or an afternoon spent reading in the “Silvio Zavatti” Municipal Library in Viale Vittorio Veneto, 124 (tel. 0733.813837).