Dear Tourist arriving in Civitanova,
With this visit you will discover the experience of an ancient and modern city, with pleasant colours and atmospheres, which is not just the product of historical, artistic and social influences, but also of the happy and peaceful way of life in our friendly and down-to-earth province. Here you will be pleased to find a continuous dialogue between art, nature, folklore and the flavours of a traditional cuisine that goes perfectly with DOC wines and traditional products of the highest quality.
You can walk through our districts in this part of the Marches with pleasure. It is often confused, but in reality is well defined by its mellow, peaceful way of life and gentle landscape between the mountains and the sea, with its continuously changing shapes and colours.
If you are looking for art, you will see monuments, visit museums, and discover places filled with history and an intact mediaeval town.
If you want to taste the flavours of authentic and delicious traditional dishes, you will be warmly welcomed in restaurants by the sea and chalets and trattorie in the historic centre of the upper town.
If you want to do some shopping you will be spoilt for choice with boutiques, factory outlets and famous label stores.
If you love nature you will certainly appreciate the unsurpassable landscapes of the Marches, the gentle hills, the beaches and the sea, strolls through nature along the river Chienti and the cycle path that links the coastal city with the old town.
In this pleasant land, which is the birthplace of the Renaissance writer Annibal Caro, the dancer and choreographer Enrico Cecchetti, the composer Giffredo Cattolica, and the opera singer Sesto Bruscantini, you can let yourself be tempted by the “Civitanova Arte” art festival, the “Civitanova Danza” international dance festival, the theatre season and a full calendar of excellent events ranging from cinema to the drama season. In these magical evenings, the virtuosity of the artists blends with the joy and wonder of the spectators.