A short detour to the right off the road from Civitanova Alta to Montecosaro (the “Le Vergini” State Highway) leads to the gates of the cemetery, beside which stands the convent and church of the Capuchin Fathers. They were both built in 1625, but the church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, was rebuilt in 1819. It houses numerous works of art. The main altar, made from walnut, was brought here from the Centofiorini family chapel in the Church of San Francesco in Civitanova Marche Alta in 1904 and contains a painting by Gaetano Bessi of the Virgin with St. John The Baptist and St. Francis, dating to 1845. In the chapel to the left of the main altar is a beautiful altar piece by Pietro de’ Petri the Transfer of the Holy House of Loreto with St. Christopher. To the right of the main altar is a wooden crucifix, by an unknown sculptor, from the church of Sant’Agostino in Civitanova Marche Alta.