Civitanova, the sea and nature

This route is recommended for those who like walking or cycling, those interested in exploring a city with a thousand different faces and those who wish to enjoy a stroll through nature, between the blue sea and the greenery of the public gardens and the cycle and footpath along the river Chienti.





DEPARTURE: Piazza XX Settembre, Piazzale della Stazione

ARRIVAL: Sports Stadium Area-River Chienti Cycle and Footpath

DURATION: half day


NEARBY CAR PARKS: Piazza XX Settembre, Piazzale Cristo Re, Largo Donatori di Sangue

MEANS OF ARRIVAL: private vehicles, public transport



– Vecchia Pescheria

– Monumento alla Resistenza

– Chiesa di Cristo Re

– Monumento Caduti in guerra


Dear Tourist, Civitanova Marche is presented to you as a city with a thousand faces: the active, dynamic and commercial aspects of the port, lying along the Adriatic shore, and the romantic, naturalistic and deeply historical upper town, standing in the hills a few kilometres from the sea. You will certainly be pleased to notice that together with the blue sea and golden beach, another colour dominates the Civitanova panorama: that green, for which it has continuously been awarded Blue and Green Flags. Great care and scrupulous attention are given to the children’s playgrounds, the outdoor areas for practicing sport or relaxing and reading books, and the roundabouts, which regulate traffic and permit easy and convenient access to the city.


If you are arriving by car, you will find various car parks indicated: we recommend using the car park in the centre, which will allow you to see Piazza XX Settembre, one of the largest squares in the Marches (measuring 140 x 60 metres), and the public gardens with their beautiful fountain and Italian-style flower beds, planted with several species of trees. From Piazza XX Settembre, a short walk along Viale Matteotti will take you to the Church of Cristo Re. Along the way, you will pass the Art Nouveau-style old fish market to the left, in front of which there is a green space with a monument to the Resistance by the artist from Macerata, Wladimiro Tulli. You can go on to the Shanghai district, known for its picturesque old fishing village features, with little old houses that have now become shops and traditional restaurants. Alternatively, you can take the South Promenade, lined with flower beds on the side facing the sea and with gardens, children’s playgrounds and well-manicured green spaces with palms and pine trees on the side towards the city. You will also find a white stone beach, with accommodating and well-equipped facilities, where you can spend relaxing days sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Towards the end of the 19th century, the writer, Sibilla Aleramo, described our beach in her autobiographical novel, “Una donna” (A Woman), in the following words: “Sun, sun! How much dazzling sunlight! Everything was sparkling in the town where I arrived: the sea was a great silver strip, the sky an infinite smile over my head, an infinite blue caress to eyes that, for the first time, had a revelation of the beauty of the world”. Continue as far as the Municipal Sports Stadium; at the end of the South Promenade you will see the large monument to the fallen in war by the Turinese sculptor, Giovanni Masoero, which was inaugurated in 1970. A little further ahead, at the mouth of the river Chienti, is the start of the Chienti River Park cycle and footpath, a project created to safeguard, conserve and defend the landscape. The new path provides an opportunity to enjoy the natural environment of river as it meets the sea.


If you arrive by train, as you leave the station, take Via Duca degli Abruzzi, which is the northern boundary of the fishing village; at the end, facing the sea towards the left, stands the Church of Cristo Re, with its large bell tower supporting a lighthouse beacon on its spire. A short distance from the church, you will find the tourist port, contained within the North Quay. The historic Club Vela (with a bar and grill), which has promoted important regattas and yacht races for decades, stands at the entrance to the Quay. A pleasant stroll past luxurious yachts will bring you to the small green lighthouse that guards the entrance to the port: from here you can have a beautiful view of the sandy North Beach and, in the distance, the huge profile of Mount Conero. You can also cycle along this route, with free bicycle hire available in front of Cristo Re church. Cycling will allow you to quickly reach the South Quay, which is divided into three arms, where fishing boats and characteristic “clam boats” are moored. Here too there is a splendid view of the city skyline as far as the mouth of the Chienti and the South Beach. Returning northwards, you will find a fine golden sand beach, elegant chalets, fashionable beach establishments and traditional restaurants offering tasty seafood dishes. Halfway along the North Promenade there is a ‘lancetta’, a traditional fishing boat used by the inhabitants of Civitanova until the 1950s, which is now an ornamental feature on a roundabout. The beach runs along the Fontespina district as far as the Caronte trench. It continues beyond this as far as the Asola stream, still sandy, with an abundance of bushes and marine plant species typical of the Marches region.


If you enjoy cycling, the cycle and footpath linking the port to the upper city provides a route for fit legs. From the north entrance to Corso Umberto I, go through the Castellaro underpass, cross State Highway 16 at the traffic lights and proceed along Via Civitanova. The cycle and footpath starts on the left after a few hundred metres. It runs through meadows and cultivated fields from Civitanova Porto to Civitanova Alta, a small mediaeval jewel preserving treasures and atmospheres from other times. The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is a short distance from the historic centre; the botanical gardens are in the “Filippo Corridoni” Technical and Commercial Institute.

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